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Differentiate your business with circular economy impact

Gain a competitive edge with your customers, funders or partners by proving and improving your circular economy impact

Solutions for all kind of Waste Conversion / Recycling companies:

We build digital solutions to allow waste conversion and recycling companies to solve their tech challenges. The type of companies we work with include: 

Waste to Bricks

StartUps shredding plastic waste to produce bricks or paving can trace their products end to end.

Recycling companies

Companies dealing with informal waste suppliers to collect waste can manage suppliers & Inventory easily.

Waste Collection Companies

Waste collection companies can improve operational efficiency and logistics management.

Waste to tiles

Startups sourcing plastic waste to manufacture tiles and roofs can now have real-time visibility of available supply.

Waste Processing

Waste processing companies can have highly customisable data fields and data capture framework. 

Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies can enhance the sourcing process for used materials and reduce expenses associated with manufacturing new products. 

Solutions for all kinds of Industries

Companies today cannot afford to have bad or insufficient sustainability data. Kudoti helps enterprises capture commercial opportunities
From more sustainable and resource efficient business models.

Manufacturing and Production

Product Lifecycle Management

Kudoti helps companies manages data related to product recycling, re-manufacturing, and end-of-life processes.

Retail and Consumer Goods:

Reverse Supply chain and logistics optimisation

Kudoti helps retailers and brands manage the return and refurbishment of products, reducing the amount of waste and encouraging the reuse of materials

Construction and Real Estate

Construction Waste Management

Through our platform construction companies can track and minimise waste generated during building projects.

Food and Agriculture

Food Waste Tracking

Kudoti helps businesses monitor and reduce food waste in the supply chain, from farm to table.

Tech and Electronics 

E-Waste recycling and remanufacturing

We work with companies to develop collection systems, implementing proper recycling projects, and promoting responsible disposal and recycling practices that help recover valuable materials.

Textile and Apparel Industry

Textile Recycling

Kudoti helps textile companies with recycling textile waste, and implementing extended producer responsibility initiatives