Track, measure and grow

Kudoti's platform is the leading digital solution for companies looking to grow their business through the circular economy


Our Features

Kudoti offers digital tools to help circular economy companies succeed and expand, whether they're transforming waste into materials, products, recycling, or processing products to sell to off-takers.


Digitise & optimise waste processes (internal + external)

Move away from excel sheets and manual processes by digitising your waste recycling processes. 


Trace and track all waste product and material flows

Easily track, trace and measure all your waste products or material inputs and output through the Kudoti platform. 


Real-time data for sustainability & impact reporting

Create intelligent analytics reports with customisable metrics that can be easily shared with funders, partners, or clients. 


Gain visibility of partners & Improve supply chain efficiency

Manage Inventory and track products and materials across value chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I use the Kudoti platform? 

    To get started, the Kudoti team would like to have a fair understanding of your processes and the type of data inputs you would like to track. Reach out to our team to start the conversation : moc.itoduk%40tfig

  • How much does the Kudoti platform cost?

    Our pricing model is based on the tonnages organisations recycle or process monthly, as such pricing will differ. Connect with the team to learn more about our pricing structure. 

  • Which locations does Kudoti work in? 

    We are not limited by geography, we work across the globe. 

Kudoti Enterprise features

Companies today cannot afford to have bad or insufficient sustainability data. Kudoti helps enterprises capture commercial opportunities
From more sustainable and resource efficient business models.


Environmental Sustainability Reporting

Real-time and automateddata capturing for environmental metric reports. 


Reverse supply chain management and optimisation

Planning & optimisinglogistics for end of lifewaste products and materials.


Regulatory & certificationcompliance

Customised data inputs & process flows to meet regulatory or compliance requirements


Recycled MaterialsSourcing

Onboarding & managing
recycled materials suppliers for manufacturing


Product Reuse & Remanufacturing systems.

Track & manage reusable products while engaging with clients to direct used products towardsmanufacturing sites