Unlock circularity with accurate data.

Need help managing sustainable suppliers or collecting better recycling and sustainability data? Kudoti's got you covered. Whether you're a huge corporation or just getting started, Kudoti can help you start tracking your circular progress. 

Trusted and backed by some of the world's leading brands:


Powering the circular economy for companies of all sizes

 Getting accurate impact data from across supply chains is hard is hard. Kudoti makes it easy to gather real-time information from teams and partners with highly customizable workflows and automated insights generation. 

How we enable successful circular economy supply chains:


Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain operations across all your teams, partners, and locations to make data-driven decisions


Track the journey of products, materials and resources from source to end destination to track impact and compliance in real-time


Master the efficient management of your circular economy operations, optimizing resource flows across any location and scenarios such as reuse, remanufacturing, or recycling

Want to know more about how you leverage the opportunities of the circular economy in your business? Contact our team to learn more.

Track, analyse and grow your circular impact

Supply Chain

Optimise the end of life of your products & materialsWork with suppliers and internal teams to optimise resource and product flows 

Products and services

Grow your business with the circular economyLaunch new offerings by tracking and managing products for reuse, remanufacturing or recycling


Eliminate riskAutomatically measure and track compliance against regulations or certifications

Free Access for Earth-Friendly Companies.

If your business is committed to sustainability and recycles under 50 tons, you qualify for complete free access to the Kudoti platform.

Why work with Kudoti?

Kudoti's platform can be implemented across a wide range of use cases and industries: 


We help manufacturers incorporate circular economy in their production

    Remanufacturing and reverse supply chain

    Easy Traceability and Supply Chain Data

    Monitor and Enhance Supplier Performance

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We work with brands to ensure regulatory compliance and grow revenues with more sustainable business models

    Enhance compliance

    Closing the loop for product and materials

    Increase customer lifetime value

Waste Processors
& Recyclers

Processors use our platform to improve their efficiency and grow their business by proving their impact

    Digitise operations

    Improving efficiency with data

    Automated reporting and proof of impact for funders, clients or partners

Better data for better circular & sustainable outcomes

Leverage Kudoti's sustainability & circular economy supply chain platform to gain a competitive edge in your business


Seamless data capture

Streamlined data collection for all types of waste materials, products, processes, and outcomes. 
Efficient easy to use data capture and task assignment based on user roles. 
Flexibility to customise data fields and inputs according to specific needs.


Infinitely customizable supply chain setup

Highly flexible and customisable waste material or product data capture framework
End-to-end tracking of materials and products across the value chain


Supply chain management & coordination

Highly flexible and customisable waste material or product supply chain workflows
End-to-end tracking of materials and products across the value chain
Optimise management of inventory, partners, team and products


Custom automated & shareable reports 

Fully customisable reporting dashboards and data analytics
Easily shareable reports for clients, partners and external stakeholders
Operational efficiency measurement through real-time data 

Kudoti transforms circular supply chains by using data to measure impact and optimise outcomes.

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