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to build a more circular economy

Waste is a data problem

Kate Brandt, Google Chief Sustainability Officer

What makes Kudoti Unique

Work across any waste stream (e-waste, plastics, paper, glass & bottles, metals etc.)
End-to-end reverse supply chains with full vertical integrations (logistics, payments, supplier management)
Intelligent matchmaking of waste with offtakers for maximizing value of waste
Modular & API-based platform highly customisable to each client or project

Kudoti works across the value chain to build a truly circular economy

We work with companies to improve current supply chains for waste materials, from source to end point, as well as build new supply chains to ensure the continuous flow of materials, from waste to resource.

  • Trace

    Identify and trace the origin of waste materials, locate & tally volumes to certify material recycling or reuse

  • Trade

    Anyone using any device can add waste data of any material, anywhere . Manage and display inventory to partners and sponsors

  • Track

    All users can partner, order, sell, transport, pay for materials, with full tracking of each stage and real-time updates

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    Incentivise suppliers and partners with goal-setting, progress milestones, notifications & reminders and incentives upon achievement

  • Sponsor

    Branded sponsorship programs, project partnerships, set project goals, create reward mechanisms, project contracts, track project contracts, track and trade in rewards points

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We work with companies to deliver the following outcomes:



Supply Chain


Retailers, supermarkets & FMCG brands

● Track and verify origin or destination of waste products when exchanged with third parties 
● Document trail to validate the information

"I need to prove where the waste materials I've sourced for my production, or where my materials from my activity come from / end up for my investors, stakeholders or customers"

Some of our work

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Distell - South Africa

Distell is a major alcoholic beverages manufacturer in South Africa that partnered with Kudoti to develop informal waste collection businesses and drive the collections of glass bottles for re-use. Kudoti introduced full traceability and an integrated reverse supply chain to enable the collection of over 100 tons of materials per month.

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Supply Chain

Bookhut - Zambia

Bookhut is a book manufacturer in Zambia that uses Kudoti’s platform to efficiently source recycled paper for its production from the recycling industry in Zambia. Kudoti helps Bookhut source over 15 tons of paper products for its productionof books per month

Simple, effective and easy to use

Our platform is designed specifically for recycling

Our digital platform is extremely simple to use. Anyone of any digital literacy levels can easily sign-up and start to use our solution. 
It is accessible through any connected device and is ready for immediate use after the initial sign up process. 

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Circularity Made Possible

We work to solve waste problems globally.

We work with companies and organisations around the world to solve waste related problems. Our team can ideate and design bespoke waste solutions and projects targeted to specific outcomes.
We have expertise in designing and implementing solutions across a wide range of areas, including social impact projects and solutions for hard to recycle materials.
If you would like to work with us, please reach out to our team using the button below.

Our Partners

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Informal Waste Reclaimers - Manufacturers - Brands - Recycling Companies - Governments and more

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