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      Manage waste better with Kudoti

      Our digital platform makes waste management and recycling easier and more profitable.

      Kudoti is the solution for managing waste in any setting

      We provide digital tools for waste companies of all sizes to better manage their operations.

      Our platform digitizes and automates waste management operations from start to finish. Manage all waste activities and stakeholders such as clients, orders or schedules and drivers in one place. Our solution is incredibly simple and easy to use, allowing waste companies to be more efficient and grow their operations with more clients.

      Waste management made faster and easier

      Client interaction

      Order management

      Driver management

      Client interaction

      Make your clients a priority

      Great client interactions are essential for waste management companies. The Kudoti platform allows you to keep track of and communicate directly with your clients by:
      ● Make placing pick up orders simple as one click to order
      ● Keep clients informed of their waste order status
      ● Excercise transparency with your clients by setting schedules, presenting driver details and validating waste pick-ups
      You know your customers best and we adapt to your process, whether you want clients to create orders directly or you want to engage with them via tools such as email, SMS or Facebook.

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      How it works

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        Streamline processes

        Managing waste is highly complex. Kudoti simplifies those steps and streamlines all activities into a single dashboard. Users can automate steps of the process and gain full control over their business.

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        Increase efficiency

        We understand how waste management works and we provide the tools to help companies reduce their inefficiencies in order to reduce their costs and provide a better service.

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        Analyse & Improve performance

        Waste management can be a low margin business. We help increase those margins by making sure that all aspects of the business are operating at their optimal capacity. Through our solution, understand how your business is doing with our analytics and reporting features.

      Who we work with

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        Waste & Recycling Businesses

        Our solution helps waste and recycling companies operate more efficiently and become more profitable

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        Municipalities & Governments

        We work with public entities and municipalities to monitor waste and recycling and coordinate waste activities.

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        Waste Project Facilitators

        We help organizations develop and implement waste projects to achieve recycling and sustainability goals.


      Africa needs better waste management

      We work with organizations of all kinds on waste and recycling projects across Africa.

      Waste pollution is a growing issue on the African continent. We look to partner with forward-thinking companies and organizations that, like us, believe that this problem can be solved through innovation and know-how. Contact us if you want to build the African circular economy.

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