We help companies become more sustainable and progress towards a circular economy

Kudoti is a data platform for the circular economy, allowing brands and organisations to track, measure and improve their circular economy strategy through real-time data.

Circularity made possible

Through real-time data and digital supply chain tools, Kudoti helps brands and retailers meet their sustainability goals for waste, improve their CSR performance and transition their business to become more circular.
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Data is the key to unlocking circular economy value

Work across any waste stream (e-waste, plastics, paper, glass & bottles, metals etc.)
Launch end-to-end reverse supply chains with full vertical integrations (logistics, payments, supplier management)
Connect with service providers and off-takers that can help you meet your circular economy goals
Seamlessly integrate your data from Kudoti to your other platforms

Kudoti works across the value chain to build a truly circular economy

We work with companies to improve current supply chains for waste materials, from source to end point, as well as build new supply chains to ensure the continuous flow of materials, from waste to resource.

  • Trace

    Identify and trace the origin of waste materials, locate & tally volumes to certify material recycling or reuse

  • Trade

    Anyone using any device can add waste data of any material, anywhere . Manage and display inventory to partners and sponsors

  • Track

    All users can partner, order, sell, transport, pay for materials, with full tracking of each stage and real-time updates

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    Incentivise suppliers and partners with goal-setting, progress milestones, notifications & reminders and incentives upon achievement

  • Sponsor

    Branded sponsorship programs, project partnerships, set project goals, create reward mechanisms, project contracts, track project contracts, track and trade in rewards points