Building a truly Circular Economy that benefits all those involved

Informal Waste Reclaimers - Manufacturers - Brands - Recycling Companies - Governments and more

“In the end, the term 'circularity' may just be one way to make us aware that we need a more encompassing, integrated and restorative sustainability path that includes people as much as technology and nature.”

― Michiel Schwarz, A Sustainist Lexicon

What makes Kudoti Unique

Multi-stream (e-waste, plastics, paper, glass & bottles, metals etc.)
End-to-end reverse supply chain with vertical integrations
Digital Product designed specifically for recycling use cases
Intelligent matchmaking and optimizations for maximizing value of waste
System is modular & API-based therefore highly customizable to each client or project

Digital - Remote - Data Driven - Scalable

Kudoti works across multiple stakeholders to build a truly circular economy through the following activities:


1. TraceIdentify, trace the origin, locate, tally volumes and certify materials.  2. Track Anyone, any material, anywhere using any device can add waste data. Manage and display inventory to partners and sponsors3. Trade All users can partner, order, sell, transport, pay for materials. 4. Reward Goal-setting, progress milestones, notifications & reminders for activity, incentives upon achievement, accumulate rewards.5. Sponsor Branded sponsorship programs, project partnerships, set project goals, create reward mechanisms, project contracts, track project contracts, track and trade in rewards points 

Outcomes commomly required by our clients:



Supply Chain


Retailers, supermarkets & FMCG brands

● Track and verify origin or destination of waste products when exchanged with third parties 
● Document trail to validate the information

"I need to prove where the waste materials I've sourced for my production, or where my materials from my activity come from / end up for my investors, stakeholders or customers"

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Traceability: Case Study with Distell 

Distell is a major alcoholic beverages manufacturer in South Africa that partnered with Kudoti to develop informal waste collection businesses and drive the collections of glass bottles for re-use. Kudoti introduced full traceability and an integrated reverse supply chain to enable the collection of over 100 tons of materials per month.

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Supply Chain: Case Study with Bookhut

Bookhut is a book manufacturer in Zambia that uses Kudoti’s platform to efficiently source recycled paper for its production from the recycling industry in Zambia. Kudoti helps Bookhut source over 15 tons of paper products for its production
of books per month

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Informal Waste Reclaimers - Manufacturers - Brands - Recycling Companies - Governments and more