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Recycle Profitably

Our digital platform makes recycling convenient, rewarding and profitable for anyone from waste collectors to brands.

Make more money from your materials

Register on the Kudoti platform to access the highest offers from buyers and get the latest waste buying and selling opportunities.

Example materials and prices: 

R19 per KG

Aluminium Cans 




K4 - Cardboard 



Better recycling for companies of any size

Waste Collectors


Brands and Sponsors

Waste Collectors

Make more money from your waste

Find the best buyers for your material
Make more money by finding more waste buyers
Grow your waste collection activity through our network

Simple, effective and easy to use

Our platform is designed specifically for recycling

Our digital platform is extremely simple to use. Anyone of any digital literacy levels can easily sign-up and start to use our solution. 
It is accessible through any connected device and is ready for immediate use after the initial sign up process. 

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How it works

Step 1 - Sign up and Register

Create your personal profile and register your organisation

Step 2 - Add and track your waste data

Start tracking your real-time waste and operational data

Step 3 - Connect with buyers and sellers

Find and connect with new partners to buy or sell recyclable waste

Step 4 - Trade recyclable waste

Search for the best opportunities and trade waste directly in the platform


Circularity Made Possible

We work with organizations on waste and recycling projects globally.

Society has built highly efficient supply chains over centuries to transform resources into products, but today, the supply chain to transform products back into resources is almost non-existent. Our technology provides universal access to our circular economy network so that any entity can seamlessly interact with other entities looking to trade recyclable materials.
The platform enables direct collaboration across the network, matches supply and demand of recyclable waste in real-time and effectively identifies investment needs, making recycling convenient, rewarding and profitable.
Kudoti is the only digital platform that creates global participation in building a waste-free world
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