Maximise your circular economy impact

Whether you are looking to improve your circular economy initiatives, reduce the waste impact of your company or improve the circularity of your production, Kudoti's digital solutions can help maximise your results and impact.

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Track and trace waste effectively

Kudoti provides your company with detailed, real-time visibility on waste and recycling streams, helping your company:
● meet its circular economy goals● improve collaboration across different teams driving sustainability initiatives  ● support and improve your CSR waste initiatives 
Our platform works to track and trace waste materials both internally and across supply chain partners.

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Real-time data to support decision making

Kudoti makes sustainability and operations decision making easier and more accessible to businesses by enabling:
● cross functional analysis of waste and materials data within a company’s operations and across external partners and suppliers. ● tracking results in real-time on different waste streams across the entire value chain  Your company will be able to make data-driven decisions about how to improve all your waste processes and systems across your sustainability, supply chain and procurement teams.

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Build a sustainable, circular business

The Kudoti platform allows brands, retailers and manufacturers to bridge the gap between sustainability and operations. Through our platform you can:
● create and manage circular supply chains to sustainably procure recycled materials for production.  set, track and manage sustainability objectives, whether for procurement, or for diverting waste from landfills and the environment.
Our platform provides the real-time data for better decision making on how to lead the circular economy transformation of brands and retailers.

Want to discover how to improve your circular economy impact?

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