Kudoti's Awards

Our innovation platform has been awarded and recognised by different institutions'


Nestlé’s 2021 Creating Shared Value (CSV) Prize.

Kudoti was announced as one of five winners of Nestlé's 2021 Creating Shared Value (CSV) Prize, for innovative recycling impact through technology. 


2020 BRICS Young Innovator Award.

Kudoti's use of cutting-edge data science and digital tools to improve waste management was awarded first prize at the BRICS young South African innovator 


2020 Fast Company Most Innovative Company

Kudoti was recognised as the cream of the the crop of companies innovating in the waste management sector. 


2021 TIA Global Cleantech Innovation Programme

Kudoti was a finalist in clean technology innovation , the programme supports entrepreneurs in growing their small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) and start-ups into viable, investment-ready businesses


Google for Startups Black Founders Fund Africa

The initiative supports early-stage black-founded startups on the continent in order to bridge the existing fundraising gap black startup founders in Africa’s fast-growing technology landscape. 


2022 Accenture Circular Accelerator

Kudoti has been selected to be part of initiative aimed at advancing the global transition to a more circular economy. This is led by Accenture in partnership with Anglo American and Ecolab and hosted digitally with the World Economic Forum’s platform for SDG innovation